Sunday, August 3, 2014

Clutter, Clutter, Clutter! (Before and After)

Do you have one piece of furniture in your house that just doesn't seem to make sense where it's at? I did, so I fixed that problem! I'ma give you some back story. When we lived in Hawaii, this buffet table held our printer and some excess magazines. It totally made sense in the location that it was in. When we moved we just stuck it where we thought it would work in this new house. 7 months later it's just an open junk pile in our living room--so not cute.

Another item in my house was this Mac that I bought about 2 years ago. It was getting dusty in my 'guest room'-- quotations because it doesn't even have a bed in it--and that's an expensive dust collector. So for the passed few weeks I've been trying to find a way to use it more ie. get it out in the living room. But I didn't want my big desk out here. It wouldn't flow with the room. 

So what did I do? You guessed it, I transformed my junk pile buffet table into a desk that perfectly homes my desktop. Now me and the hubs can be on the computer together in the same room and at the same time if need be.

It was really a no brainer, I moved my loveseat to where that buffet table was and vice versa. The flow just works better now. It's not all furniture in one corner and blank space in the other. I'll take pictures of that at another time --maybe.

Can you imagine having an eye sore OPEN junk table like that? Ew. 

In my defense, we did just get back from a long road trip and half that stuff was deposited there 3 days ago. Buy hey, it doesn't look like that anymore! That's what counts!


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