Saturday, August 16, 2014

When you're in that mood--total rant.

So, I'm just sitting here right? Not gonna lie, I've had about 3 full glasses of wine. Just thinking about the past few weeks. Just looking over it. I've been yelled at several times at work for things that were not my fault (ie. I'm the most experienced team member there... also meaning, I'm the only one without a 'in training' badge on) but I've also had several people just wholeheartedly thank me for just being nice to them. 

and at that I just kind of look at them, why are you thanking me for being nice? (even though they make my day when they say that) I happened to ask one of these customers. They looked me straight in the face and told me "People in your position (Customer service) are generally not very nice." I was kind of taken aback. The fact that they thought that they had to thank me, was just beyond me. I have been told this several times actually -- even when I'm not in that 'customer service' mood--that I'm just a nicer person in general. Ha. That makes me sound really into myself. I just can't fathom that people aren't nice to other people. I mean yes, I'm not a cashier who deals with people for a relatively short time (Been there, done that;) I meet you at the counter and get to know you a little bit--if you're up for it. 

So all this has got me thinking of us as a whole. Why aren't we nice to one another? The same night that two customers yelled at me for 'slow service' one customer stood up for me. Then went out of their way to bring me a gift. I was just absolutely flabbergasted. It's like extremes. Some people are so sweet and other people try to bring you down to get something out of you. (Those two customers wanted their items for free because it took an extra 10 minutes... uh.. no.) But big companies teach them to be like that. You complain to corporate, you're more than likely to get your money back plus some, because they don't want to hear you anymore. 

When you come up to me and start yelling at me; I do not back down. I will very politely tell you how it actually is, instead of telling you what you want to hear. I am not a supervisor. You're yelling at someone who has a lot of customer service experience. I will not be in trouble for not backing down to you. I am not required to make decisions like that. In fact, since most of the time the place I work at has no managers on staff at that time. I can basically tell you to eff off until one of the managers is there.  
But I wont.

 I will try to make you happy unless you're cussing and actually screaming at me. Then I won't help you at all. I will literally say this to you "Ma'am/Sir, if you continue to speak to me like this, I cannot and will not help you. So please lower your voice if you wish to be helped." Why will I say this? Because I am a freaking human being. You are not better than me because you are not on the clock. You are not any higher than me because you work at so an so job. If you don't give me a little respect when you are speaking your concerns. I'm not obligated to help you. 

Then I saw this on instagram.

and it made me feel a lot better about the way I handle myself. 

I may sound bitter--again, that might be the wine talking-- but when the person that was yelling at me was done, I would help the next people with the same amount of upbeat as if they weren't just yelling at me. I just brush it off. Because what can I do? I know for a fact they weren't just upset about the fact that their order can't get done in the 5 minutes they need it. They're already upset about something else. and that's okay. They're allowed to be upset. They're dealing with things that I don't know of. 

So I just move on. 

Cause that next person in line may just be the best conversation I'll have all week. 

Good Night. 


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